Photo highlights from Essential Honshu tour, July 2011


First night dinner at Tanuki, a traditional izakaya in Asakusa.


Chef at Yamazaki sushi shows off his freshest dish.


Torii gate entrance by hut 6 on Subashiri trail, Mount Fuji.


Fast and frenetic Ebisu bridge in central Osaka.


Tsutenkaku tower looms above kushikatsu restaurants of Shinsekai, Osaka.


Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto was full of excited tourists taking photos like us.


The peaceful hill town of Takayama is great for old buildings, tasty beef and a nice bath.


Asparagus, sausages, yam and burdock root are cooking on the barbecue in Kamikochi. We managed the first three pretty well, but the stubborn burdock root needed cooking for a couple more days.


Our final night in Shinjuku finished with a look at Tokyo from the 53rd floor of the Center Building then a walk around the bright lights of Kabukicho, the world-famous entertainment district.

The Happy Hooligan: An afternoon watching J-League football

A skinhead in a green bomber jacket, rolled- up jeans and red Doc Martens rushed towards me. “Hi, we’re upstairs, let’s go” he said. His name was Yamada, and he was my hooligan friend for the afternoon.

Yamada - the happy hooligan.

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