Trust your tour leaders and treat them well!

Japan is different in so many ways to the west. Everyday is a new experience, whether it be with food, manners, shopping or travelling on a train. Everything is different and usually the breath of fresh that makes travelling so fun and interesting…especially so in Japan. One of our tour leaders, Steve Parker, thought he would share one of the more interesting menus he had spotted on tour. Here is what he has to say,

One huge advantage, of course, in having a tour leader take you on a Japanese adventure, is that he/she will know which eateries are a must, and which are to be avoided. Of course, among IJT leaders, food is an extremely subjective matter. However, please feel safe in the knowledge that none of us would knowingly subject you to a meal of the culinary delights listed below, unless provoked to do so  – remember, treat your tour leader well!

For now, please enjoy my menu of the year – and no, I didn’t take a group to this particular restaurant!

I don’t know about you, but I quite like the look of that and my mouth is watering!…thanks Steve.


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