Boulder Backroads Half Marathon- Raising Money for Japan!

In an attempt to raise a little bit more money for the Japan Relief fund, a number of us at IJT signed up to take on the challenge of a Half Marathon. The Bristol Crew has one more week to get their legs ready, but mine happened to be today, in the form of the Boulder Backroads Half. Taking place in the environs of the beautiful Boulder Reservoir, the weather was lovely, if a tad too hot after mile eight, and the event pulled in many runners from all over Colorado and beyond. There were four races on the calendar; Marathon, Half Marathon (the most popular with about 650 running), Relay Marathon and a 10K.

The run went well, I beat my goal time and then enjoyed a complimentary Boulder Beer on finishing! My legs are certainly getting their own back now from the pounding I put them through so it may be a while attempt this again, but a big thank you to all those who were kind enough to sponsor my run.

4 Responses

  1. Wow! Amazing stuff Mat – you will put us all to shame next week… What Mat didn’t say of course is that he did the run in 1:24:32 and came 9th overall!!! If that isn’t worth a fiver to the cause, I’m not sure what is…


  2. W-O-W-!-!-! Mat, you are a star! Excellent effort, such a fast time on a “slow” course. I shudder to think how fast you would be a flat, fast course like Bristol…you busy at the weekend?


  3. I will be busy at the weekend..busy resting my aching legs :)


  4. Well done Mat! Have you got your flight to the UK for the 2012 Olympics? – I think we might need you…


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