Jobs at InsideJapan Tours – Coming Soon…

Yes, its recruitment time once again at IJT. A revolving door policy I hear you say? Nothing of the sort! Our continued growth means that we expect to be recruiting travel consultants later in the summer. Full details will be released soon, but those with a passion for Japan and a desire to work in a rewarding role in the travel industry are invited to send us their details to be considered for the position. See our website for details:

Can Japan Win the World Cup…?

No of course they can’t, but now that I have your attention I can waffle a little about what the Samurai Blue might be able to achieve in SA.  We all remember fondly the days of summer 2002 and Japan advancing to the knock-outstages (though perhaps slightly overshadowed by S Korea’s remarkable advance to the semis). However with Japan going out with a whimper in Germany in 2006 and their warm up to SA 2010 consisting of 5 or 6 defeats on the trot one could be forgiven for thinking that Japan could be on course for the wooden spoon in Group E especially considering Holland, Denmark and Cameroon are all capable of beating Japan, and beating them well.

But who knows. As this blog is posted Japan have just taken a 1-0 lead against Cameroon, so perhaps the ‘spirit of 2002′ is in the air, and we can look forward to seeing Japan in the knockout stages – watch this space!


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