Japan Office Visit

I recently took a well earned two weeks break to visit my family who live in Kobe and I took the opportunty to visit my Japanese colleagues – Ayako-san, Miho-san, Tetsuko-san and Tomoko-san at our Japan Office in Nagoya. I had spoken to them frequently by email and Skype but we had never met before, except Ayako-san who visited us in Bristol last year.

Left to right - Tomoko san, Tetsuko san, Miho san, Ayako san

Left to right - Tomoko san, Tetsuko san, Miho san, Ayako san

…..after an 70 minutes Shikansen journey from Kobe and 10 minutes by underground… Finally here I am!! Continue reading

Visit the Koshien

The Koshien is the oldest and most famous baseball stadium in Japan. Once the biggest in Asia, it hosted the legendary Babe Ruth on his tour of Japan in the 1930s. In August, captivating the nation, it stages the fiercely contested annual National High School Baseball Championships. Just a short trip from Kobe or Osaka, for a fraction of the price of attending a Premier League football game, you can get grandstand views and 3 hours of fantastic entertainment.

Let the balloons fly

Let the balloons fly

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